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Crabbs Cross Surgery. Redditch. New Automatic Door

Doorcare Ltd takes you through the process of modifying and installing an automatic door to an existing manual entrance screen.


The existing manual pivot commercial aluminium door was difficult for less able users, wheelchair users and parents with prams and small children.

The existing pivot door didn't have a finger guard hinge stile so a new one was included in the design of the new door. A finger guard is a mandatory safety feature on an automated door.  


To automate a door you need a 120mm transom above the door to mount the operator. Most manual pivot doors have a 45mm transom above the door. so we make a smaller door and install a new 145mm transom above it to carry the operator. This method of installation is more cost efficient as you retain the old screen , door frame and existing glazing.


Accurate colour matching of the powder coating is essential to give a seamless professional finish.

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